Single or multi-day programs are custom designed from our extensive range of activity options, and are created to serve all ages, sizes and types of groups. Low-ropes elements, boating, fixed and non-fixed initiatives, large group campfire area, indoor meeting spaces and more can be found on our beautiful site. You will not be disappointed with our delicious meals, friendly staff and welcoming accommodations!

We have programs for every age and type of group including public and private educational institutions, community groups, sports teams and corporate retreats. Check out our program outlines below!

A perfect start to High School! Students will be challenged to grow their leadership and communication skills as individuals and as a larger group. Fun and interactive programming includes team building activities, low ropes, and large group games. These custom-designed programs prepare students for a successful start to high school, and focus on activities that explore self-awareness, improved decision making, and the benefits of getting involved.

Combine fun, learning, and self-discovery with your end of the year celebration! Bringing students to SLC provides them with the chance to enjoy their last moments together while challenging them to look within themselves to consider who they are and who they want to become. We recommend selecting activities lik Low Ropes, Outdoor Living, Field Games, and Crafts. These year-end class trips are available between May 1 and June 15 annually.

An opportunity for your student-based camp committee to plan and carry out their own retreat. Through this process, the committee learns about planning, flexibility, hard work, and positive leadership. Participants are challenged to discover their own leadership qualities, barriers, talents, and ultimately, find a place to shine. Please contact us for further details on the facilities and materials we can offer to support your planning committee.

Student Council Retreats provide your group with the opportunity to leave with a sense of purpose, direction and exciting new event ideas for the upcoming school year. We offer a wide range of activities including team building initiatives, planning workshops, low ropes activities, and fun evening programs.

Environmental Education Field Trips provide your students with hands-on experiences to bring their classroom learnings to life. This program covers elements in learning skills, environmental leadership, science, geography, physical education and so much more. Participants spend the majority of their time outdoors connecting with ecosystems, preparing shelters, building fires, testing their survival skills, and learning tree and plant identification. Let us know what you are currently studying in class, and we will plan an interactive day based on your curriculum goals. Session activities will vary by season.

Sports Teams are sure to benefit from skills gained while at SLC! Your team will be given the opportunity to connect, learn new skills, work together, strengthen communication, have fun, and learn the importance of being a supportive team member.