Frequently Asked Questions

Will my group be outside throughout our SLC program?
Most of our programs are designed to be outdoor experiences and will continue rain or shine. Participants are encouraged to bring clothing that they don’t mind getting dirty and wet. It is important to pack proper rain gear, warm clothing and appropriate footwear.

What do I need to bring with me to SLC?
A packing list is available in our SLC Planning Guide, available here.

How many chaperones do I need with my group?
We require a minimum of 1 chaperone per 30 participants. Additional chaperones are welcome!

Do SLC staff sleep in cabins with our group?
SLC staff do not sleep in the cabins with your group. Chaperones are responsible for ensuring their group is quiet, safe, and sleeping at night time.

How are cabins assigned?
Prior to your arrival, we will send a list of cabins assigned to your group. Each cabin sleeps 8 people. Group leaders are responsible for their group’s cabin assignments.

Participants in my group have dietary restrictions/allergies. Can you accommodate us?
Our talented kitchen staff will accommodate your group’s dietary needs. Please be sure to complete the Dietary & Health Summary Sheet from the SLC Planning Guide and submit it to the SLC 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

SLC is a “Nut Aware” facility. This means that we do not serve meals using ingredients that contain nuts (whole or part), nut extracts, or products that include a “may contain” label. Further, we discourage guests from bringing nuts on site, but do not search belongings. We cannot guarantee a nut free experience for your group.

Will I have internet access while at SLC?
While at our centre, there will be no internet access. Cell phones and electronic devices are not recommended on site. We aim to build new skills, encourage interactions between participants and their peers and leaders, and experience the beautiful outdoors without electronic distractions.

I lost something while I was at SLC. Now what?
SLC is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.